Care Instructions

Whether items purchased from the Company are worn every day or only occasionally, these items are precious objects that require care and attention. It is strongly suggested that Clients arrange to have the Company clean and inspect items on an annual basis. This service is performed at no charge, if the item is presented by the original Client-purchaser.

(a) Care Recommendations. The recommendations below will help preserve Company items in their original condition.

(i) Handle all jewelry with care as one would handle any valuable item.

(ii) Remove jewelry prior to washing hands and/or putting on make-up or perfume. The particles present in cosmetics and perfumes may damage the metal or stones in jewelry items.

(iii) Regular contact with household detergents or insecticides may damage pearls or certain gemstones.

(iv) Regular activities should be accounted for when selecting jewelry. Avoid wearing jewelry items on the beach, at the swimming pool, or when participating in athletic activities to avoid knocks and scratches. Avoid wearing jewelry items when gardening, doing housework, or using exercise machines.

(v) If one suspects that he or she has knocked, scratched, or damaged an item, contact the Company for immediate inspection.

(vi) Take care when cleaning jewelry and do not entrust cleaning to an unqualified person. Do not place sensitive gemstones such as emerald, opal, tanzanite, coral, peridot or pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner. Clean jewelry with a small brush and a mild soap and water solution only. Deep cleaning should only be performed by a professional.