Nothing says true love like the gift of diamonds.  Always appropriate, never out of style, the sparkle and brilliance of fiery diamonds ignite the imagination and feed the soul. Explore our collection of exclusive in-stock T. Foster & Co. designs or let your imagination run wild with a custom design of your dreams. 



The most adaptable of colors, the intense true blue of our sapphire collection will stun you with its depth and beauty. Like the softest of royal blue velvets, our sapphires seem to glow from within. See for yourself—one look and you’ll fall in love. All exclusively designed and created by T. Foster & Co.



True Pigeons Blood rubies are the rarest of colored stones and our collection of GIA certified Pigeons Blood rubies are the cream of the crop. Luscious color combined with classically elegant designs create the truly stunning pieces we have on display. Original T. Foster & Co. design at its highest level.



Nothing pops quite like the vibrant green of our gem quality emeralds. Think of Kelly Green and open fields of dewy grasses in Scotland and Ireland. There’s nothing subtle about emeralds. Walk into a room with one of our stunning ensembles and every head will turn. Explore our collection of exclusive T. Foster & Co. designs or let us source new emeralds and create a special design just for you.  Get your “wow” statement going today.


Rare & Unusual Color Stones

There are so many wonderful colored gemstones besides the “Big 3”. Playful Australian opals, velvety reddish purple Brazilian rubellite, the exotic color change of Alexandrite, and bright and joyful peridot just to name a few. We choose rare and unusual color stones for their exceptional beauty and value. Browse our collection and ask us about sourcing your preferred gemstones on our yearly international buying trips.



The ultimate in chic, every woman should own a choker strand of pearls. Not the small strands of graduated cultured pearls our grandmothers wore; today’s sophisticated woman wears the bold and beautiful South Sea pearl varieties. Large pearls in classic white, rich golden hues, Tahitian blacks with their peacock undertones or a combination of colors will complete any savvy woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Explore our collection of the finest quality strands adding rings, earrings and bracelets to your ensemble.