Outstanding Ruby & Diamond Earrings


Outstanding Ruby & Diamond Earrings


This amazing design takes the finest of Burmese rubies and pairs it with brilliant cut pear shape and round diamonds to create a design of ultimate luxury and elegance! Fine Burmese ruby is one of the rarest stones available.  The most sought-after color is a deep, blood red with a slightly bluish hue.  Such ruby is known as "Pigeon's Blood Ruby". Ruby from Burma is famous for its exceptional coloring, and has traditionally produced the finest rubies. This super gem-quality pair sports Pigeon's Blood color and the diamonds are all E/F color and cut to the most brilliant proportions. An heirloom set that will be worn and cherished for generations. Own them today! Handmade in platinum.

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Pair of oval rubies total 2.09 carats. GIA certificates 6177478850 and 2175478875 stating rubies are of Burmese origin and Pigeon's Blood color.

10 pear shaped diamonds total 1.31 carats. E/F color, VS clarity.

24 round brilliant cut diamonds total 1.48 carats. E/F color, VS clarity, ideal proportions.

Rubies are set in 18K yellow gold handmade prongs.

Diamonds are set in handmade platinum prongs.

Flexible design with post and back.

Designed and crafted exclusively by T. Foster & Co. in our local shops.

Your purchase comes with our full T. Foster & Co. guarantee and warranty.  

Earrings are hallmarked with the T. Foster & Co. logo and platinum stamp.

Free shipping and gift wrap.

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