Personal Jewelry Wardrobe Assessment

Do you ever get lost in your jewelry box or safe? So many items in boxes or bags, but nothing you want to wear? Nothing new or exciting to put on? Or perhaps you've got these great sapphire earrings but no other jewelry that complements the look. We can help you solve these problems. Call Suzanne Foster today at 215-493-6100 for your personalized jewelry wardrobe assessment. This free service allows us to help you organize your jewelry wardrobe by cleaning and restoring those items you love, establishing a wish list of items needed to complete your jewelry wardrobe, and receiving trade-ins or cash payments for those pieces that have lost their appeal. Watch the video below for a complete walk-through of the experience. Let's sit down together over a cup of coffee in our ultra-private showroom and get your jewelry wardrobe organized and updated today. You'll be glad you did!