Jewelry Buyers Since 1982

T. Foster & Co. has a special division solely devoted to purchasing and brokering gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. Our expertise in all facets of jewelry and gemstones means higher returns for the items you want to sell! We focus on providing you with outstanding, competitive prices for any items you no longer wear or need. Our knowledgeable buyers are able to secure higher returns than other local gold brokers, buyers, and even New York City markets. Professional, courteous service in our private showroom and office, with absolute discretion, is guaranteed.

Here's how it works:

Make an appointment with Tim or Suzanne Foster, and your items will be examined while you wait in our private showroom. If you decide to sell, we'll issue immediate payment in cash, bank draft, or wire transfer (convenient for larger amounts). You are simply required to sign our purchase receipt and provide identification. Your transaction is completely confidential.

We connect to the global market and have provided outstanding returns to our loyal clients for years. We can assist you too!

Gather up your items and call today!

We're open Tuesday - Saturday from 10:00 - 5:00 in our Yardley location. Call 215-493-6100 to make an appointment.

We buy:

Stylish jewelry will always trade for more than the value of the gold or platinum alone. Each piece will be valued separately during your visit.

Gold and platinum items, including broken or out-of-date jewelry, watches, and coins.

Antique jewelry from all periods, in all conditions. Each piece will be valued separately during your visit. 

Gold, U.S. and foreign coins.


Diamonds in all shapes and sizes, set in jewelry or loose. Lab grading certificates add to a diamond's value, so bring these along.

Sterling silver flatware, holloware, and tableware.

Brand name watches of all types are accepted. Research time is required, and valuation and offers are usually made within 3 to 5 business days.

Not sure if an item is gold, platinum, or a real diamond or gem? We can check it quickly and usually at no charge.