Stones, Gems, & Pearls

Yesterday I went on an adventure with Suzanne to NYC. Every Thursday she goes up to work with her contacts in the city to make sure that our clients are getting nothing but the best. As an apprentice I am getting to learn a lot of the business. It was especially fun yesterday because I got to go on the hunt for the perfect diamond for an engagement ring! Yes, an engagement ring - I am such a sucker when it comes to this topic!

Let's get back on topic and talk more about what it was like to go hunting for the best stones out there. And, let me tell you that sometimes we have to go to multiple places to find exactly what we are looking for! In order to make the perfect piece of jewelry we meticulously work out the design, search out the finest materials, then have our master jewelers hand-assemble it to make an impeccable final product. Each jeweler has their own specialty, from mold-making, to setting, to wire-work. Yesterday I was focused on finding the gem that our customer wanted... and we searched for it until it lived up to our expectations (and those of our customer). Now, I won't say more about that because I don't want to ruin any surprises. But you can always count on T. Foster & Co. to give you the outcome you deserve and want!


Wednesday was a prep day- Suzanne made sure that we had everything in order for our trip to NYC. On Thursday we took a train and away we went for a fun-filled day! It's good to get out of the office and still get work done.

Another one of our exciting stops was finding the perfect pearl. I talked about where pearls come from on the last blog (you can read it here) and they come in all different shapes and sizes.


Yesterday, we were looking for black Tahitian pearls, which I learned are more likely to have imperfections than a cultured round pearl. Therefore, finding the perfect pearl can take a lot of time. We met with our pearl dealer to expand our stock. What we are planning is a surprise but I just gave you a major hint!

Finding the perfect gem, pearl, or stone takes a lot of time! Suzanne has mastered this art and is able to get everything done in just one busy, fun, (and exhausting!) day.