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Behind the Scenes with Suzanne Foster
Part III

Last time I blogged about our Project Phoenix in depth, and we were just about ready to begin work on it, when lo and behold…the design changed again. Our last iteration had the beautiful Jadeites spread out evenly in a hanging style necklace, but the stones are so glossy and lustrous that the client decided to group them closer together instead to highlight their special beauty. Here is the latest design showing how the necklace will fall into a feminine “V” on the neck. Now we can move on to the fabrication of the setting. You'll see this finished piece sometime this fall!

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So now let me share three additional re-design projects as promised last time.

Project: Liz Taylor
This is a really great story of inspiration and collaboration between client and jeweler. Our client had a large 5 ct. oval diamond set into a standard halo style setting.

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She was browsing the web and came upon this amazing emerald and diamond ring owned by Elizabeth Taylor. The diamonds were actually set underneath the center stone giving the ring incredible lift and dimension.

Elizabeth Taylor Ring.jpeg

We re-created this completely handmade ring in platinum by eliminating the trillion cut diamonds and by using just large rounds. It is elegance personified. What a great new look for this ring where the diamond really stands out. Thank you Liz Taylor!

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L1110570 smaller.jpg

Project: Family Ties
Take a look at this obtrusive out-of-style pearl and diamond ring. “Where would I ever be able to wear this?” was a direct quote from my client. Yes, good question!  


The diamond quality was exquisite and the stones were of uniform size—all good characteristics for great design possibilities. This piece was handed down to the daughter who had 2 girls of her own and two nieces. She decided to make 4 matching rings for the girls so each would have a lasting treasure from their Grandmother, as well as a “unity” style ring to celebrate their family bond.

I removed all the diamonds so I could lay them out in a pattern and played around with the “twist” motif as a way to portray the idea of weaving together the generations and families. Here are the finished rings—these happy young ladies will share the story of their “family” rings with generations to come.

L1180965 shorter.jpg

Project: Sapphire Trio
Sometimes inspiration comes from just wanting to complete a suite of jewelry that dazzles. Our client had a wonderful yellow sapphire ring and a pear shaped diamond attached to yellow gold pave diamond pendant. They weren't the best match so she wanted to change things up. 

L1170029 smaller.jpg
L1180827 before smaller.jpg

We removed the diamond from the necklace that was being lost in this design and replaced it with a new halo surrounded yellow sapphire to match the ring. To complete the set, the obvious addition was  a matching pair of earrings.

The yellow gold and yellow sapphires now go brilliantly together and the earrings complete this amazing trio.

L1180835 smaller.jpg
L1180827 after smaller.jpg

The last piece of the puzzle was to remount the single pear shaped diamond that was removed from her original necklace and show off its natural beauty. We designed this new elegant pendant with graduating diamonds that enhanced the pear shaped outline. She was thrilled to have these pieces all come together and look so beautiful!

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Next time, I'll show you some amazing updates we've done for diamond engagement rings. You'll see how average can become exceptional!

Yardley's Harvest Day is coming up and we are participating with an Open House! We're pulling out all the stops to make sure you have a fabulous day here at T. Foster & Co. Mark your calendars for September 15th. Wine and food will be available from 10am to 5pm, acoustic music at 3pm. Tim will be doing complimentary while-you-wait appraisals on up to 3 items (a $150.00 value), Jim will be cleaning and refinishing your jewelry free of charge while you munch and mingle (up to 5 items—a $200.00 value), and I will be on hand to give free advice on re-designing your current not-so-favorite any more pieces. So bring your jewelry!!! At 2pm I'll be giving a talk outside on the lawn about our jewelry redesign process and will be on hand to answer questions. It should be a great afternoon.