How to get from mundane to amazing - all the steps you need to know to redesign your jewelry.

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Behind the Scenes with Suzanne Foster
Part I

My favorite part of being a jewelry designer is working with my clients to re-design and re-purpose their out-of-style or unwanted jewelry. I am always as thrilled as they are when the completed new designs are revealed!

So, how do I go about helping you create the jewelry of your dreams from what you already own? Here are the simple steps we take.

Our first appointment is scheduled in our new Private showroom. Our beautiful space was created for absolute privacy so there are no interruptions from the “outside” world. No phones ringing, mailman or delivery people; just my complete attention on you and your needs.


Our New Private Showroom 

Often a client has some idea of the changes they'd like to make.  Perhaps they want to upgrade yellow gold jewelry to white gold or platinum, enhancing a smaller center stone to increase its appeal, or combining several jewelry items into one bolder piece.

Here's an example of one client's desire to combine several pieces into one magnificent everyday engagement ring.

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This client wanted to update their 80's style engagement ring into white gold while surrounding the the center in a halo of diamonds to enhance its appeal.

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I absolutely love being able to make a client's vision into a stunning reality!

But sometimes the client relies on our expertise in jewelry design to bring out the best in their grouping of items. This is where the real creative force comes into play and where I look carefully at how the different elements of the collection can be combined and used most effectively.

Here is an example of a client's group of misc. ruby jewelry. She had no idea what to do with it, only that a necklace design would be her first choice. I took all her pieces apart,  matched some additional stones and came up with this great design that she absolutely flipped over. Her comment? “I had no idea my old pieces could become such a beautiful every day necklace for me!”


Next time I'll delve deeper into the design process and talk about inspiration, client input and how we put all the design elements together in sketches and drawings.