Did you know?

Do you know about our Jewelry Wardrobe Assessment? This is an absolutely free service that's unique to T. Foster & Co. Set up an appointment with our production guru, Suzanne, and bring all of your jewelry. Beloved, unloved, in need of repair - we want it all. Jewelry never goes out of style but it does change over time.

Our Jewelry Wardrobe Assessment is a lot of fun. You get to design your own piece of jewelry or get those 2 carats studs you always wanted. Or even update your old engagement ring while still keeping the sentimental value of your original diamond. 

Suzanne Foster will expertly assist you in organizing your jewelry collection. Think about updating pieces that need freshening up, trade unwanted items for new “must have” pieces, or add favorites to your wish list for future consideration. Call or email suzanne@tfosterjewelers.com to schedule your appointment today!