Custom jewelry

"Unique" "one-of-kind" "original" these are some words that many customers want and look for from each piece of jewelry they buy. It is important that we give our customers what they want. Therefore, we sit down with our clients and listen to their ideas, and help them design their next perfect piece of jewelry.

Often, at the initial meeting Tim and Suzanne sketch up what you want. Then, our Photoshop Genius, Rhiannon, mocks up an approximate look to give our customer a great visual. When we get the final okay we get straight to work.

The initial work varies by what our customer already has or wants completely new. Many times, our customers have old stones that they want to set in to a new piece. When additional or all new stones are needed, Suzanne sources the best stones from our many qualified dealers in New York City and around the world. 

Once production starts our production specialist and star designer, Suzanne, works carefully with our team of talented jewelers to assure that the work receives the quality of service that our clients expect from our name. 

And because most of  the custom work that we do for our clients is rarely seen, I am going to take this opportunity to show you some of our more recent masterpieces! 


This piece was a special one! This pendant was inspired by a wedding ring that our customer wanted to match. Her wedding band was an antique style and her beautiful center diamond was a large antique cut as well. We used the leaf design from the ring and used yellow and pink gold to soften the light yellow "cape" color of the antique center. The graduated stones that surround the center diamond give the pendant a feminine appeal, and enhance its antique look. A great necklace to wear everyday. The final product speaks for itself: perfection! 

Now, let's take a look at this beautiful diamond and sapphire ring! Isn't it stunning? I think so. A customer came to us with an idea and a diamond. She had all diamond pieces that she liked and wanted to do something different. Suzanne sat down with her, ideas were exchanged, and a design was created: sapphires and diamonds - a perfect pairing! Perfectly matched sapphires surround the center diamond all in a handmade wire-work platinum setting. A new family heirloom!


These amethyst earrings are SPECTACULAR! What makes them so great?  They are mystery-set with no apparent way to see how the setting holds in the amethysts. The whole side of the purple stones are open to adore.  Completely custom designed for one of our favorite clients - we love her creativity! - these earrings swirl and dangle and create quite a stir (she has said) when out and about with them on.

Okay, let's talk about this watch. It didn't look like this before. Someone came in do to our Jewelry Wardrobe Assessment and she had a watch that she didn't like because it was too simple. She also had a diamond circle pin that luckily was the SAME diameter as the watch. We worked our magic and the final outcome turned a plain old watch into a diamond accessory that every woman would love.

What is the next piece we will make for you?