Padparadscha Engagement Ring

Princess Eugenie of York, cousin to Princes William and Harry, is engaged, and she has a stunning and unusual ring to prove it.

The Royal Family released official engagement photos of the couple, which showed the princess sporting a ring featuring an oval-cut padparadscha sapphire center stone surrounded by a halo of round-brilliant white diamonds and two trillion-cut white diamonds on a yellow gold band.

Pad sapphire.jpg

Princess Eugenie is right on trend as fancy color sapphires continue to rise in popularity.  Pink, purple and blue stones are the trending colors right now.  And many royals have used sapphires as engagement rings, including Princess Diana whose ring was passed on to Princess Kate.


Most people don’t know about colored gemstones and especially what a padparadscha sapphire is, so Princess Eugenie’s engagement is a great start to getting information out there about this rare, beautiful and unique stone. The name derives from the Sinhalese word for lotus blossom. The Sinhalese people are native to Sri Lanka, where most padparadscha sapphires come from. Colors range from a light orange-pink to a more intense pink with a hint of orange. Because of their rarity, all padparadschas will have their own unique and individual coloring with some more pink or orange, and some lighter or darker in shade.

Intensely colored stones with a rich saturation are very highly prized. Many padparadscha sapphires have cloud-like inclusions which can be visible to the eye. Our fabulous 2.02 carat padparadscha ring, shown below, is strikingly clear and free of visible clouds and is a richly saturated deep pink with orange overtones. Its brilliant proportions are striking as well thus avoiding the "window" or "area of flatness" effect that is often seen in the center of poorly cut stones. You'll see some examples of the "window" effect in the stones shown above.


Pink sapphires have traditionally symbolized creativity, love and romance, while orange sapphires are equated with energy and enthusiasm. With both of these meanings combined in one stone, padparadscha sapphires are truly unique. The woman who owns such a stone is an individual that takes a fresh and new approach to life and love.

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