Fashion Series: Work outfit

A phrase we hear a lot in the jewelry world is "I don't know where to wear my jewelry."

With this blog, I want to show you that you can wear your fine jewelry anywhere. I'm going to show you how to wear those  pieces that we think we need to save for more special occasions for all kinds of occasions. Jewelry has the power to make any outfit great. In this series of blogs, I am going to show you how to mix-and-match your favorite pieces, while also dressing down your more prized pieces of jewelry. 

Today,  I am wearing a business chic work outfit. Fun and very fitting for any work place. The pattern of pants (as you will see shortly) had some red in it, obviously rubies were the best choice for me today. It complimented what I was wearing, plus it's my birthstone. 

For more information on the necklace    click here

For more information on the necklace click here

Look at these stunning ruby earrings. The cushion cut ruby and the diamond halo around it make these earrings a great multi-occasion piece. They are the perfect piece to wear if you want to transform an everyday work outfit into something special and can take you right into a causal evening out with friends

I matched those earrings with a simple diamond necklace to compliment the red, but not take away from the earrings. With big earrings it's okay to wear something more relaxed to achieve that complete look.

Then, I looked around and found the perfect ring to match my earrings and necklace. 


Here we have our signature three-stone diamond halo ruby ring (One of my favorites!). This ring can be used as a right or left hand ring. I like to wear my colored stone rings on my right hand, but it could always be your 20th anniversary ring upgrade. 

Then, to complete my look today I added a ruby and diamond bangle. 


I just love how one piece can complete a look and add more sparkle.  Bangles are those pieces of jewelry that are simple, but elegant. With bangles, it's very easy to stack them and create a whole new effect - the more the merrier! 

For more information on any of these pieces click on the image.