A new kind of ring

A couple of weeks ago in one of my blogs I mentioned that Suzanne and I were hunting for a morganite for an engagement ring (read that blog here). Yes! A morganite for an engagement ring, had to say that twice because once I show you're going to want one too! 

Quick story! 

A customer came in wanting to buy an engagement ring for his beautiful girlfriend.. As any couple that have been together do, she hinted at how her perfect engagement ring might look like.  He told Suzanne that he wanted a "pink morganite diamond". Pink diamonds are extremely rare and are hard to find. However, "morganite" is an similarly colored stone that has a beauty all its own, just as a pink diamond does. Suzanne and I went up to New York and found   the most beautiful stone imaginable. When Suzanne showed the young man,  he loved it, so we went straight to work.

The ideal ring had a very delicate band, all totally set with diamonds with a highlighted stand alone pink morganite.  The added challenge was that it also had to be ready by a certain day, HER BIRTHDAY, which was just one week away!  He proposed to her on her birthday, and I am sure that this was a surprise that she was absolutely thrilled to receive. 

Now the RING! 

Sadly, not for sale :(

Sadly, not for sale :(

Look at this beauty! Myself and the rest of the staff had been excited to see how this turned out. And, I must say that is a close to perfect ring if not perfect. Let me remind you that this ring has to be one of my favorite rings we have done.

I must say that a pink diamond this size would cost just about $2M! But, this morganite that totals a little over 4 carats draws attention. With a rock this size you can bet that she will be turning heads.