The long hard journey is over.

It's been a long hard journey through our move and renovation project. We moved in November of 2016 into a space that we proceeded to renovate until mid-June of 2017. Anyone who's lived through a renovation knows the following: Nothing stays clean for very long. Stuff you thought you knew where to find has now been moved somewhere else by someone who is not here to tell you where that place is. Progress moves at a snail's pace and the project seems endless. It's just so NOISY all the time.

But some of you also know that a renovation is a bit like experiencing childbirth. Once the project is truly done, the pain of the long months is quickly forgotten. All that is left is the beautiful and amazing space. (Or, as in the first case of course, your beautiful and amazing baby!)

So here we are, indeed, entranced in this new space we call heaven. I have a few before and after photos to show you so you'll have an idea of how far we have come. And now it is time for you to see the miracle of modern and meticulous construction techniques for yourself. Stop by to take a look and see just how much a great interior can enhance your retail experience and highlight the beauty of our new "Prestige" jewelry collection. We'd love to share sources and techniques as well as introduce you to our world of fine jewelry. Ask for me - Suzanne - I'll be your personal guide.





We hope to see you soon!