Week rewind!

So, here's the story... I can't get enough of how beautiful and one-of-a-kind our jewelry is! Everyday I try to come up with new ideas on how to showcase the beauty of each and every one of our pieces. The lucky winners of this week's show and tell are shown below. But, don't be fooled, every piece will get it's time in the spotlight!


This is one of my absolute favorite rings that we have at the moment. The flower made by the diamonds is just flawless. Let's just say that when I get engaged (who knows when that'll be) I will be expecting something unique like this. I am very particular with the things I like, and boy do I LOVE this ring. This picture doesn't even do it justice. To make this piece even better, you can pair it with these matching earrings and necklace.


I love pearls. I think that they are one of the more interesting pieces of jewelry because of where they come from. Think about it- an oyster takes in a tiny piece of sand and produces this marvel. The color of pearls depends on the color of the mollusk's lips. This spectacular ring that I am wearing above is one of the more interesting rings here. The combination of the black pearl with almost 2 carats of diamonds is majestic. The diamonds complement the dark black pearl, creating a truly stunning contrast.


Last but not least, if you're a fan of the semi-precious gems (like I am) I wanted to show you these opals. One of the days this week I wore one of my favorite rompers and felt as if I was missing something. Naturally, I took a stroll around in our showroom, and thought that these opals really complemented what I was wearing. Obviously, I had a little photo shoot of myself in these because it just made my outfit complete. Featured in this gif is a magnificent 8.97 carat Australian black opal in a double scoop-set diamond design with attached diamond-set loops. I just love the length of this chain because it hangs perfectly on my chest. 

Almost forgot to talk about the pear shaped opal ring! This ring is a real "wow" piece. It is something that you can wear everyday and feel comfortable with any outfit. It's a ring that you don't even have to make a big deal of and everyone will notice.