Construction update on our new space

Thought you all might like to see a bit of the progress we've been making on the restoration of the historic Victorian on W. Afton Avenue that will house our new full service jewelry reception and workshops and our world-class private showrooms. 

With a projected move date of November 1st, our renovation has two phases, beginning with the full service reception and workshop. This entrance is located on the parking lot that you currently use. We are building the new covered back porch entrance right now, which will have steps on one side and a great new ramp - but watch your step!

This is the door to nowhere right now!

This is what you'll find on the other side of that door!

Inside, you can see our freshly sheet rocked wall and our "window of amazement" where you can finally observe our expert jewelry fabrication staff in action.

You never know what you are going to find in old buildings - a simple "let's just paint the existing walls" gone pretty much astray.

In the photo below, you see the door that will access the private showroom - the grand opening for this new salon will be a bit later in the year as you will soon see.

Well, right.  Below you will see why those gorgeous showrooms we are designing will take a bit longer to open up.  Obviously still a huge amount of work to be done but the end results, we can assure you, will be spectacular.

Our future appointment-based reception area. 

And our "illustrious" private showroom!

So, looking at this picture below, you can see that I am somewhat relieved to have this area almost finished. The painters are coming this weekend so perhaps we won't be needing to show our jewelry on a card table with folding chairs in the parking lot!

Stay tuned for more updates as progress continues!